3 x 660 MW Coal Fired Power Plant, Shajiao, China
Type of Plant : 3 x 660 MW Coal Fired Power Plant
Location : Shajiao "C" People's Republic of China
Contract Period : October 1993 - May 1995
Owner : Hopewall Holdings, Hong Kong
Boiler Island Contractor : ABB Combustion Engineering ( U.S.A)
Turbine Island Contractor : GEC Alsthom (U.K)
Scope of Work : Material takeoff from drawings and specifications. Worldwide procurement of insulation, cladding and refractory. Supply of 40' containers for shipment and site storage. Inspection of materials prior to shipment. Export packing and shipment of materials to the jobsite. Procurement and inspection of Chinese materials. Supervision of Chinese insulation subcontractor. Management and quality control of the insulation.
Materials Supplied Mineral wool insulation, flat and profiled aluminium cladding, fastening materials, refractory.
Remarks: World record construction times for 3 x 660 MW power plant.